Thanks for showing an interest in registering your business with Buddy.

The Buddy Platform is the next generation of personal assistance for customers with disabilities, dietary requirements or any individual need.

What you see today is just the start of how Buddy will be helping consumers make buying decisions now and in the future.

By signing up to the Buddy network your business will be more visible to local communities resulting in more footfall to your shop or an increase in visits to your website.

The buddy platform enables customers with certain disability’s or dietary requirements to filter out the businesses not suitable for them meaning you’ll attract the right type of customer.

For example “I’m a vegan looking for vegan restaurants” or “I use a wheelchair looking for wheelchair friendly shops

We then match the customers search criteria to the businesses that support these types of customers.

We’re now opening to all small, medium or large businesses.

Is registering FREE?

Our freemium plan will always be 100% FREE. In the near future, we plan to have a paid subscription model that will enable additional business features to help grow your business.

My business profile has already been created. What do i do?

You can claim your business profile by going to the bottom of the profile and clicking “Claim listing”. (Please note, to be accepted you must claim it using your business domain email) e.g

I have a question thats not been answered

You can chat to us via Facebook using our live chat feature in the bottom right of this screen. Alternatively, you can contact us via