Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a Buddy volunteer.

We want to help the disabled and vulnerable who are unable to leave the home due to COVID and need your support.

As our community grows we need to be ready to help those who require support to ensure everyone has access to essential items.

What can you be expected to help with?

As a Buddy Volunteer you may be asked to help with the following things

  • Delivering shopping
  • Picking up essential items (Food, Medicine, Pet supplies etc)
  • Checking in to ensure vulnerable individuals are safe and well (Via Phone)

How does it work

We’ll contact you with details of an individual who needs support in your local area. Once you agree to support, we’ll give you the contact information of the individual for you get in touch with.

What if i’m unable to support

Not a problem, simply let us know and we’ll find another volunteer to help out.

I have a question, who do i need to ask?

You can send us a message via the Facebook chat in the bottom right of this window.